Program & Curriculum

The Girls on the Run curriculum encompasses three concepts:

Weeks 1-4: All About Me - Getting to know who I am and what I stand for!

Lesson example topics include: Getting to know each other, keeping promises, emotional health, being thankful, values

Weeks 5-8: Building My Team - Understanding the importance of cooperation

Lesson example topics include: Cooperation, listening, gossiping, bullying, good sportsmanship

Weeks 9-10: Community Begins With Me - Learning about community and community impact projects

Lesson example topics include: Learning about community, diversity and media influence on behavior

Lesson Breakdown: Each Girls on the Run lesson begins with an introduction to the topic of the day followed by a "Getting on Board" and "Warm Up" activity that brings the girls' focus on to the day's topic.  After the warm up, the girls then begin a stretching routine that allows for a topic-related question and answer time. During the next "Workout" period, the girls participate in a variety of running/walking activities that utilize a game or a team goal. Once the activity is completed a cool-down stretch is combined with a review and discussion of the day's lesson that encourages participant questions. The lesson closes