Frequently Asked Questions :

Where is the YWCA of Alexandria/Pineville, Louisiana located?

We are proud to have 2 locations to serve you. We are located at 5912 James Street (behind ASH). Our second location is located at 1831 Turner Street.

What is our mission?

Eliminating racism and empowering women.

What is our vision?

The YWCA of Alexandria/Pineville, Louisiana:

  • Is a respected voice for women;
  • Fosters women's leadership;
  • Provides services for women and their families in Alexandria/Pineville
  • The YWCA focuses on the welfare and equality of women and their families and the elimination of racism

How is the YWCA of Alexandria/Pineville related to other YWCA's?

We are linked to other YWCA's around the world. Even though our network extends globally, we think locally. That way we can serve you better. Most of our programs and activities are developed to meet the demands that are specific to Alexandria/Pineville residents. 

Do you have to be a young woman to get help from the YWCA?

Not at all. All kinds of people can use our services and programs. We have something for everyone, whether you?re young or old, male or female. We offer child care, youth and mentoring programs, support services, and exercise programs, just to name a few!

So why are you called the Young Women's Christian Association?

The name goes back 100 years to our creation. Our founders were dedicated Christian women who were concerned about the living conditions and salvation of young women in their community. Today, we have a much broader focus: While we still strive to be at the forefront of social change, we also offer a wide variety of programs and services to help women and their families improve many aspects of their lives. We've kept the name because it's part of our heritage. It also has to do with brand recognition: If you're in a foreign country and need some assistance, you'll know the YWCA is the place to go! Today, the YWCA stands for inclusion and support no matter where you are or who you are. Our membership is as diverse as the community we serve. We work with everyone, regardless of race, religion, age or gender.

Why do you charge money for many of your services when it's obvious that many people can't afford it?

We charge reasonable rates for the services we provide. But if you can't afford to pay, you will not be left out in the cold. You can apply for full or partial subsidy for any of our programs and services.

What are your main values?

The YWCA is here to champion women and support their role in society. We believe in the following:

  • We value opinions and personal changes.
  • We value open, honest, respectful communication.
  • We embrace the diversity of individuals, ideas, and opinions.
  • We encourage creativity and innovation.

What does the YWCA believe about the equality for women?

The YWCA believes in equal opportunities for women and men. We also know, however, that we can't sit around and wait for the system to evolve all by itself. At the YWCA, we work to foster change by educating the public on the status of women. We also support and encourage you to help initiate these societal changes yourself.

Does the YWCA become publicly involved in issues that affect the community? As often as we can. We are currently focusing on key issues:

  • violence against women,
  • support for single mothers,
  • mentoring for "at risk" children,
  • building leadership roles for our young girls/women.

At the YWCA we are working on eliminating racism and empowering women.
We also work with each other YWCA's on a national level on campaigns such as the YWCA Week Without Violence Campaign.